Crawl for Cancer August 17th 2013 . This is one of the best day’s out you can imagine. Log in here for details and registration inf

Crawl for Cancer


Crawl Information

Teams will travel to five bars.  At each bar, teams will be given four tickets valid for four pitchers of beer. Everyone is invited back to the after-party for music, beer, and more fun!

Teams should have ten to twelve people, including the team captain.  If you have more than ten people on your team, you will need to include an extra $30 for each additional person.

The deadline to have your entries submitted is July 29, 2013 or whenever the maximum number of teams is reached.

  • May 27, 2013—July 12, 2013: $500 entry fee ($50/person for a team of 10)
  • July 13, 2013—July 29, 2013: $550 entry fee ($55/person for a team of 10)

The entry fee includes ten t-shirts, beer for the Crawl and beer at the after-party.

REGISTRATION: Clicking the REGISTER button on the left side of the page will begin your team registration.  You will be directed to a team information form only after a successful payment is made.  It is vital that you complete this second step so we have your team information.  Your team will not be registered in the Crawl until we have received the correct entry fee and team information.

Don’t procrastinate! Get your team members together today! Failure to submit the correct entry amount before the July 29, 2013 deadline (or before the Crawl is full) could cause your team to be denied entry into the Crawl.